0304 Jormungandr

Jormungandr (Star System)

Jormungandr System is the Capital system of the Reach, well-known within both the Sector and neighbouring Sectors for playing host to one of the most ambitious projects in current space: the Gargantuan Fuel Skimmer Platform Jormungandr. A number of other planets orbit the system's Star, but only one other is inhabited, by natural means instead of unnatural: Beregast. Jormungandr plays host to the most traffic of any single system in the Reach, supplying an absolutely vast amount of fuel to the Imperium at large, in addition to all the other commerce that takes place here.


Jormungandr is the result of one of the greatest engineering and construction products undertaken within the lifespan of the Third Imperium. A fuel-skimming platform at its most basic, the sheer scale of the project is astounding to most - the platform has a surface area roughly equal to a planet two-thirds the size of Earth.

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