History Of The Coreward Reach And The Third Imperium

A History of the Three Empires, and of the Coreward Reach

While there is plenty of room inside this program to provide an unbroken account of the history of known space, beginning in antiquity, the sheer vastness of the collected information would make this file nearly cyclopean in size, and certainly quite daunting to start into. For reader convenience, therefore, it has been separated into various time periods, describing the progression of events that lead to the creation of the modern Third Imperium as we know it.

In addition, the history of the Reach has been given its own section, as the focus of the history of one sector is on a different scale than the history of charted space.

Please choose a period in which to begin reading.

History of Charted Space

Antiquity - The period before the rise of the Vilani, of which not much is known beyond speculation. ???? — -6322.

Vland, Vilani and the Ziru Sirka - Concerning the rise of the Vilani as the first great interstellar Empire, and the Wars of Consolidation, one of the bloodiest campaigns waged by any of the three Empires. -6321 — -2570

The League of Sylea - The Interstellar Wars, in which the vastly outnumbered League of Sylea, the small empire of the Solomani, defeated the vast Ziru Sirka and succeeded it as the Second Imperium, and the time period from then to the collapse of the Second Imperium and the Long Night. -2569 - -1526

The Long Night - A 1500 year long period of piracy, technological regression and isolation, brought about by the complete economic collapse of any empire thinking to call itself the Rule of Man. A dark age in the history of charted space. -1525 — -1.

Cleon Zhunastu and the Restoration - The Restoration of the old Empires, under the banner of the Third Imperium, brought about on Sylea by the businessman Cleon Zhunastu, Emperor Cleon I, and the initial period of expansion for the League of Sylea. 1 — 75.

The Pacification Campaigns - The economic, diplomatic and military campaign for outward expansion that saw the League of Sylea, now the Third Imperium, engulf many of the holdout worlds on its borders, as well as the annexation of the Terran Mercantile Community. 76 — 120

The Julian War and the League of Antares - The end to the brief era of peace after the Pacification Campaigns came in the form of the Julian War, a thirty-year period of conflict with the newly-formed Julian Protectorate, an alliance of Human and Vargr worlds to Coreward of Capital that saw, in the end, the fledgling Empire fought to a standstill and the creation of the League of Antares. 158 — 191.

The Ilelish Rebellion - The attempted hostile secession of the planet of Ilelish and those counted as its allies, and the subsequent twenty year war. While the conflict was carried on for longer than expected, in the end Ilelish was forced to surrender after sporadic orbital nuclear bombardment. 418 — 435

The First Frontier War - The discovery of the Zhodani Consulate and the wars along the border of the Spinward Marches that were fought with the newly-discovered empire, lead by Admiral Olav Plankwell, the man who would later begin the Civil War. 589 — 604

The Civil War - Otherwise known as the Barracks Emperor period. Military bids from all over the Third Imperium for control of the Iridium Throne saw a period of incredible instability, as a result of the internal decay the Imperium had been experiencing for a century at the least. Ended when Arbellatra Alkhalikoi, an Admiral, ousted the current military Emperor and appointed herself Regent until an Emperor could be found - and was then gifted the Throne due to her virtue and service. 604 — 622

The Alkhalikoi Reforms - A period of incredible internal restructuring pursued by the newly-crowned Empress Alkhalikoi. Noteworthy are the separation of the Emperor from Capital - instead taking Usdiki as the Imperial Fief, the decrease in Solomani influence within the Imperium (and the creation of the Solomani Autonomous Region) and the removal of the Archdukes from power. The X-Boat system was also begun during the lifetime of the first of the Alkhalikoi Dynasty. 624 — 718

The Psionics Suppressions - The campaign to ban and suppress psionics and psionics research undertaken as a move to counter Zhodani influence within the Third Imperium, and to prevent Zhodani sympathies from emerging amongst citizens. 800 — 826

The Solomani Rim War - Beginning nearly a century before the war itself, the Solomani began to push for increased autonomy, eventually resulting in the formation of the Solomani Confederate. The situation came to a head when the Confederate annexed all former Autonomous Region territory and several extra systems. Beaten back by the Imperium to beyond Sol, they were forced to agree to a ceasfire. 871 — 1002

The False Fourth Frontier War - Zhodani advances in 1082 seemed ready to provoke a fourth Frontier War, and indeed it is often referred to as such, but the fleet stalled at the border and no significant action was ever fought. By the time word had reached Capital of the seeming conflict, it had already ended. 1082 — 1084

Emperor Strephon and the Strephonic Reforms - The current Emperor, Strephon, undertakes a series of ambitious reform projects, most noteworthy being the re-establishment of the Archducal court and the powers granted thereof, but faces stern opposition from his own Moot and much of the nobility. 1095 — present.

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