Reference Primers

Select readings taken from universities, colleges, educational manuals or directly commissioned to make the average stellar traveller knowledgeable on a number of subjects, from the sciences to ethnic and racial groups within the Third Imperium, and everything in between. History, being a particularly important subject, and a lengthy one, has been given its own section within the program, and cannot be found here.

The Sciences:
Imperial Astrography (In Need of Revision)
The Science of a Jump Drive
The Worth of a Pound of Sand - An Introduction to Stellar Surveying and Mining (Unfinished)

The Cultures of the Third Imperium:
Humaniti (Unfinished)
The Vargr
The Aslan (Unfinished)
The K'kree
The Droyne

Social Primers on Galactic Government:
The Nobility
Third Imperium Government Model
The Coreward Reach Political Primer
Important Individuals of the Reach

Economic Information:
The Imperial Credit
Banking in an Insterstellar Nation
Trading 101

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