The Coreward Reach Visitor's Centre

Welcome to the Coreward Reach Visitor's Centre, Information Repository and Reference Library. Through this program you can access full astrographic charts of the Coreward Reach, complete with systemic and subsector-wide astral weather forecasts, current to the last time this program was updated. In addition, a number of reference primers and history selections are available through the Reference Library. This program is designed and kept current by the Traveller's Society of the Coreward Reach, provided to the Sector at large to help ensure adequate education and safe travel for all, be they tourist or traveller.

A Systemic Atlas
History of the Coreward Reach and the Third Imperium
Reference Primers

Also included, for your convenience, is a regularly-updated Sector Encyclopedia, allowing you to gain access to Sector News, as well as pages on past and current events, persons and powers within the Sector.


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